Thursday, 5 November 2015

Creative Minds, Otak Kreatif

Creative Minds

Hello guys, how's your life? long time you never visit my blog. Today, oh no, I mean good night because Indonesia has already turning night (8.33 pm), actually I wanna share about creative minds. What is actually creative minds based on your opinions guys. Of course, you have own ideas toward creative minds definition.
to answer it in simply way, let us start from a little thing, that is creative. Creative represents to doing anything by different perspectives, belongs to uniqueness and stands on spirit thing. Overall creative should be way of life in order to make far away from plagiarism, yet it still consistent on the original idea. While Minds is kind of super power to think about something, understand the whole world and ready to face positive and negative mind. and then, to combine these two words becomes creative mind, thus it invites us to be a person who has creative minds. Creative minds offers human being to think and think more in term of facing the complicated the world's problem. Only if the person who has creative minds will be killed the negative minds in daily life. So, stay tune on creative minds (Yogi Yanto)  

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